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  Re: UberPOV is back  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 26 Aug 2016 07:45:22
Message: <57c02bd2$1@news.povray.org>
On 08/24/2016 10:06 PM, clipka wrote:
> FYI, I've just put UberPOV back on the tracks.
> The current development version includes all the latest and greatest
> from the POV-Ray 3.7.1 "master" branch, plus the advanced diffuse models
> (Oren-Nayar and Lommel-Seeliger), and can be found here:
> https://github.com/UberPOV/UberPOV/releases/tag/v1.37.1.1-alpha.8756754
Good news.

Am I correct pull requests for potential features would be issued 
against the UberPov develop branch?

Are new features following the "POV-Ray Patch Identification Proposal" 
you proposed back in 2013?

I've two initial patches in mind. Namely the new density_file 
interpolations and the tweak to the blob internal variable. In my 
testing earlier this year against many old problem cases(1) the latter 
blob fix looked good to me.

Bill P.

(1) - I've still to organize and package those test cases ahead of 
opening a github issue.

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