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  Re: UberPOV v1.37.0.0-beta.6 released  
From: clipka
Date: 4 Aug 2014 05:14:38
Message: <53df4efe@news.povray.org>
Am 03.08.2014 20:59, schrieb James Holsenback:
> On 07/26/2014 01:57 PM, clipka wrote:
>> Am 26.07.2014 14:44, schrieb James Holsenback:
>>> On 07/24/2014 12:01 AM, clipka wrote:
>>>> Also does stochastic global illumination now.
>>> are there any other parameters (besides count and brightness) that work
>>> in this mode? changes.txt says most don't ... just curious
>> Just browsed the list of all the settings; The following should still
>> have an effect:
>>      brightness FLOAT
>>      count FLOAT
>>      gray_threshold FLOAT
>>      recursion_limit INT
>>      adc_bailout FLOAT
>>      normal BOOL
>>      media BOOL
>>      subsurface BOOL
>>      brilliance BOOL
>> All others are just concerned with sample caching.
> what would be the best parameter to use if I'm seeing artifact in
> corners (shadow of an object hits floor and wall and it's darker where
> the wall and floor meet) ... I want to say count, but I also have an
> emission object, so I'm wondering if adc_bailout might also come into play

No, with no_cache the count parameter is less about quality and more 
about render speed.

But I'd have to see the artifacts to think of a reason why they'd be 
there and how they could be avoided.

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