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  Re: First official beta of UberPOV  
From: clipka
Date: 21 Nov 2013 08:56:41
Message: <528e1119$1@news.povray.org>
Am 21.11.2013 14:51, schrieb clipka:
> Am 21.11.2013 14:30, schrieb James Holsenback:
>> On 11/21/2013 07:39 AM, clipka wrote:
>>> Am 21.11.2013 13:01, schrieb James Holsenback:
>>> Found the culprits though; Git master should be ok now.
>> uberpov --version
>> uberpov: cannot open the user configuration file
>> /home/ash/.uberpov/1.37/uberpov.conf: No such file or directory
>> UberPOV
>> OK ... id's proper now. uberpov.conf made it to
>> /usr/local/etc/uberpov/1.37/ but nada in users .uberpov directory
> Did you make install?
> If not, then this is to be expected.

Uh... forget that statement. If you hadn't done make install, there 
would be nothing in /usr/local/etc..., would there.

But it also means you installed as root; could there possibly be an 
.uberpov directory now in the root's home directory?

What does POV-Ray proper do in that situation, anyway?

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