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  Re: Simulation in MegaPov  
From: clipka
Date: 19 Aug 2011 10:37:08
Message: <4e4e7514$1@news.povray.org>
Am 19.08.2011 05:11, schrieb H. Karsten:
> Hi
> Does anybody have an idea, how to do a simulation in MegaPov, like this?
> 1st gear is fixed
> connection is fixed on one point in movement, not in rotation
> 2nd gear if fixed to another point to the connection in movement, but not in
> rotation
> 2nd gear is rotating because of the friction with gear one.
> Is this possible in MegaPov?

It's even possible in regular POV-Ray. It's actually a quite simple 
system - you don't need complex particle simulation for it.

Essentially you have a pendulum here. The fact that the swinging mass 
also rotates while moving means that it will probably be slower (haven't 
checked the math yet), as the free gear's inertia with respect to the 
swinging motion is not only determined by its mass, but also by its 
moment of inertia. That aside however, the equations will be pretty much 
the same as with an ideal pendulum.

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