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  Re: Megapov post_process save_file format  
From: Christian Froeschlin
Date: 11 Jan 2011 14:22:13
Message: <4d2cade5@news.povray.org>
> Problems come on the next step : 256 grayscales are not precise enough.
> Is there a way to change the format in which the save_file command saves the
> image ?

I'm not so familiar with MegaPOV but you could check if
the hf_gray_16 keyword has any effect here. Otherwise, you
might consider using a gray color gradient texture instead
of depth post-processing and using regular image output.

> I tried to write the distance into a formatted txt file, which would be
> acceptable, but I need to get a float from f_output_depth(x,y), and this seems
> to be a vector or color expression.

Possibly you could output a second image where the
function is defined not as the depth but as 256.0 times
the remainder of depth when dividing by 1/256 (or something
like that), so you get a PNG with the lower 8 bits and can
combine afterwards using external tools.

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