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  Re: Quotation Marks Problem with POVRay3_7_Unofficial on Mac Mavericks  
From: Yvo Smellenbergh
Date: 5 May 2014 12:57:05
Message: <1ll6sbf.1srruyt6nhaf6N%yvo.s@cancel_This_gmx.net>
"David" <nomail@nomail> wrote:

Can you please tell me what you have selected in "Input Sources" on the
system Keyboard sytem preferences panel?

I don't see why you get '"' and then '‰' if you use the same key.
And it only happens after saving the file?
Nobody ever reported this... 


> I've installed povray3_7_unofficial on my Mavericks mac laptop. When I
> open a new file and try to use the double quotes key on my keyboard, I
> get:
> include "color.inc‰ include "stones.inc‰ After saving the file as
> demo.pos, when I try to render the file, I get this error message.
> "/Users/davidarnold/Documents/temp/demo.pov" line 1 Parse Error: Illegal
> character in input file, value is d2.
> Now if I create this code in BBEdit, save the file as demo.pov, then open
> it in POVRay3_7_Unofficial, it looks like this:
> include "colors.inc" include "stones.inc" And it renders just fine.
> Why isn't the quotation key on my Mavericks Mac keyboard giving me the
> correct quotation symbol in POVRay3_7_Unofficial? I also tried using
> Courier and Helvetica, to no avail or difference.
> David.

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