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  Re: Can I pay someone to add this from MegaPov?  
Date: 7 Nov 2016 18:05:57
Message: <1624677780.500251529.671818.gdsHYPHENentropyAThotmaolDOTcom@news.povray.org>
I concur in some respects, though keep in mind things for which they might
be willing to accept bounties is obviously completely under the control of
those actually doing the work.

I am not going to argue with them or push them. I will state my case, see
if there is any interest or takers, and go from there.

No one is forcing them to do anything, and at least initially the goal is
low hanging fruit, with discussion around bigger items to see what interest
is for both devs and users, and ultimately the devs calling the shots.

My goal is to both reward he devs and to enable things to be done which
otherwise might not be possible. They spend their time doing this work, and
if a bounty is sufficient to offset some of the personal cost from this, I
am happy to support.

As far as highest bid getting the work, well that is free market economy
for you. ;-) if someone is willing to pay then they obviously care enough
about that feature to trade their money for it, which is a completely valid

I am not proposing small bounties either. I advocate serious bounties only;
fair ones, and if a dev and patron agree on a reasonable price for a
reasonable thing, more is the benefit for us all, as even those who did not
or could not pay benefit, and the devs get tangible rewards beyond a warm
fuzzy feeling. :)

I think though if this did take off and folks saw there is money here, it
could increase the number of devs.

On a personal note, any bounty I pay will also have a donation to the Pov
Team/org as a whole if such a thing is possible. Do they have a Patreon
page or something? I want to make sure the whole org benefits.

Maybe in future bounties there could be a % to implementing dev (the
negotiated bounty) with a fixed percent *on top of that* which goes to the
pov org overall.


Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
> [Devils Advocate]
> Yes, but...
> Consider: (1) One day = 24 hours; (2) Number of people working on 
> POV-Ray << infinity; (3) Highest bid gets development priority; (4) 
> Regular POV-Ray development will slow down / be put on hold for lack of 
> manpower/womanpower.
> Possible/likely scenario?
> [/devils Advocate]

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