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  Re: State of Povray 3.8.0 (?)  
From: Mr
Date: 8 May 2019 14:25:02
Message: <web.5cd31d6724ac88ae884ec9560@news.povray.org>
"Hj. Malthaner" <han### [at] nospamgmxde> wrote:
> On 5/5/19 10:30 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:
> > Well, I'm sure clipka or someone else from the dev team will chime in at some
> > point with specifics, but 3.8 is still under development with various changes,
> > improvements, and new features being tested.
> Ah, thanks. For being in development, it sure has amazing stability.
> There was one moment when I was wondering about the default scale of the
> bricks pattern, but I must admit I was too much in a hurry to check if
> it was my fault or if it really changed from 3.7 to 3.8 (I assume it was
> my fault)
> > The best thing you can do to ensure that it continues on, is bring attention to
> > the project, bring new people in, and keep using it and sharing the results by
> > posting links, images, and attributions on the web.
> Sadly, I'm often laughed at or considered a weirdo in the art groups
> where I post my works. PovRay ... I know it as the backend of many tools
> and for superb rendering quality. But in the communities it is not known
> at all. They all urge me to use Blender. That sure has it's merits too,
> but I just grew up with PovRay.

Indeed, your POV country needs YOU ! Please dust off your POV-Ray pride and
calmly defend this community's honnor by proving with serious work current
development's vitality and the credit POV-Ray still deserves. No one should have
to choose between Blender and POV, Lanuhum and I have been striving to make this
point clear for more than half a decade by working on bridging the two software
(https://povconverter.wordpress.com). It felt lonely at times, like kayaking in
the middle of a storm. I still hope it will change in the near future and
contuning this effort will finally let us reach that other shore. We could use a
few more hands, though.


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