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  Re: building POV-Ray with clang instead of gcc  
From: jr
Date: 8 Sep 2018 07:45:00
Message: <web.5b93b563bf3d23eeb0d4fc1e0@news.povray.org>

clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> >> If both clang and gcc are installed on a machine, the POV-Ray build
> >> process defaults to using gcc; to force the use of clang instead, use:
> > ok, that's the how.  now to the why.  is there any benefit in preferring one of
> > those over the other?
> To me, definitely: building with clang allows me to test whether the
> source code I'm writing will... well, build with clang ;) - /before/
> uploading it to the GitHub repository and making a fool of myself.

:-)  I could (and should) learn from that.

> I find few things more embarassing than pushing a commit to the repo that
> is supposed to silence some warnings of the clang compiler, only to
> learn from the automated build tests that I've just broken the clang
> build entirely ;)
> ...
> Also, clang tends to spit out different warnings than gcc, some of which
> may hint at flaws in the code.

that, in itself, is a good reason.

do you use different Makefiles to accommodate the different command-lines?  what
is "best working practice"?

> Performance-wise it doesn't seem to pay off to switch to clang; I'm
> seeing ~85s (gcc) vs. 90s (clang) wall clock time for the benchmark. But
> that may change with future versions.

merci bien.

regards, jr.

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