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  Compiling with Linux Mint Rebecca  
From: kolloid
Date: 9 Feb 2015 15:30:00
Message: <web.54d9171e515722c6183614c90@news.povray.org>
Linux Mint "Rebecca" is based on Ubuntu 14.04. I attempted to compile povray 3.7
on this platform with very little luck until I found this board.
After applying all the suggestions that I found (boost related, mainly), the
generation still failed with a "source/Makefile.in not found" message.

In the output log of unix/prebuild.sh I noticed references to "missing
subdir-objects" so I edited unix/configure.ac. I noticed that in this file there
was a macro AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE but it's been commented-out. I reinstated it thus:


substituting the original, around line 169.

This change made all the compilation process work. Looks like this macro is
needed for later versions of automake. My version is 1.14.1

Hope this helps somebody

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