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  Xubuntu new install configuration errors  
From: Philstix
Date: 16 Jul 2014 19:25:00
Message: <web.53c7093be1a48282776619370@news.povray.org>
I just installed POV-Ray (for the first time) from the Ubuntu repositories via
Synaptic, and I tried to run the example script, but I get errors.

The 'POV-Ray for Unix' manual indicates the scripts would usually be installed
in '/usr/local/share/povray-3.7/scripts' but in Xubuntu they are in

When I try to run 'allscene.sh' I get this output in the terminal:

   the sample scene render script could not determine
   the location where POV-Ray is installed.  Make sure
   POV-Ray 3.7 has been correctly installed on this
   computer.  If you continue the script will try to
   the scenes from the current directory.

 allscene.sh: 83: read: Illegal option -n

It seems that POV-Ray is looking for '/usr/local/share/povray-3.7' but the files
have been installed in '/usr/share/povray-3.7/'.

I looked through some of the example scripts and they contain lines like:


The directory '/usr/local/etc/' exists but it is empty. The directory
'etc/povray/3.7' exists and contains the files 'povray.conf' and 'povray.ini'.

So it appears that the installation is completely misconfigured. I find it hard
to believe that I'm the first person to encounter this issue but a series of
searches has failed to find any reference to this problem.

Is there some way to fix this?

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