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  Re: povray-3.50c Redhat 9 RPMs  
From: Owen Jacobson
Date: 4 Dec 2003 14:47:25
Message: <pan.2003.>
On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 18:14:41 +0100, Christoph Hormann wrote:

>> (a) Would posting links to the two RPMs be permissible?
> This would not be different from any other unofficial version, you are 
> free to do so but have to make sure it qualifies as a full package 
> (including docs and sample scenes) and clearly indicate the unofficial 
> nature.

The RPM contains everything from the povuni_s.tgz file, including docs and
sample scenes; rebuilding it to explicitly add "unofficial" to the .spec
should take a whole ten minutes. . . done.

>> (b) Is there some way I can submit the files to the povray team so they
>> can distribute them themselves?
> You can be sure the POV-Team recognizes when you post a link but you 
> should note that there will not be support for an unofficial version by 
> the Team.


> I also think most current linux distributions already include POV-Ray 3.5.

I thought so too; the only RPMs I could find on rpmfind for 3.5 were for
SuSE, though, which may or may not work with any other distribution.

The RPMs are available at:

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