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  Re: povray mode for emacs update?  
From: Harald Jörg
Date: 14 Oct 2021 12:57:22
Message: <87ee8ny26m.fsf@oook.m.uunet.de>
Jonathan Bush writes:

> In lieu of a GUI, some Linux users use Emacs to develop POVray code.

Guilty, your Honor.  I'm only a casual user of POV-Ray, but a regular
Emacs user (and more software engineer than artist).

> [...]

> This mode works well, even though the last change to this code was
> 5 years ago, when the keyword for was incorporated.
> Unfortunately, another keyword, elseif, has not yet been similarly incorporated.

I also found a the 'pavement' pattern and the 'albedo' keyword for
diffuse reflection not yet included in the keyword list - but I haven't
done a comprehensive check.  The "Keywords" section in the docs would
provide the relevant test cases, it contains many I've never used and
some I've never heard of.

> I posted an issue about this on the Github page a few days ago. It's entirely
> possible, even likely, that the current author, melmothx, will respond
> eventually. In the meantime I wonder if anyone here would be interested in
> taking a look. Or perhaps you could provide a link about emacs Lisp.

Adding keywords for highlighting isn't that difficult.  I found the
Emacs Lisp tutorial (comes with Emacs) helpful to get started.

If Marco (melmothx) doesn't reply within decent time, I could give it a
try and provide a pull request for his repository.

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