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  Yet ANOTHER silently missing dev library  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 8 Oct 2021 20:37:16
Message: <6160e43c$1@news.povray.org>
Is there a comprehensive list of development libraries required to
compile POV-Ray 3.7+ in its *entirety?*

I've already had to recompile all of my 3.7+ executables /several/
times, in one case because POV-Ray compiled to completion even though a
prereq dev library was among those yanked away by a distro upgrade.  And
now, after ONCE AGAIN pulling my hair out for way too long trying to
figure out another informative "Problem with option setting / Failed to
parse command-line option" message, I discover that POV-Ray compiled
cleanly with no EXR capability.

My first idea was to check the messages for the list of libraries used,
but it only lists the libraries that are on the system.  I've now
installed the ILM dev library, but I don't want to waste /another/ few
days re-compiling POV-Ray versions, only to find that it silently
skipped another missing library, meaning I would have to waste anothe
few days compiling /again./  Is there a list of *everything* required
for a *complete* compile?

Or at least reconfigure POV-Ray so that it doesn't compile with half its
capabilities  missing?

These are the libraries listed by a POV-Ray run.  I notice that SDL
isn't on this list.  (Thanks, Bill, for pointing out a requirement that
I would *never* have been able to find out.)  Are there any others
besides ILM that are missing?
  ZLib 1.2.11
  LibPNG 1.6.34
  LibJPEG 80
  LibTIFF 4.0.9
  Boost 1.66

Speaking of which, why did I have to recompile anything in the first
place?  I didn't have to recompile 3.5 or 3.6 or MegaPOV.  But POV-Ray
3.7, 3.8-beta, the master branch, and UberPOV all choked on incompatible
library versions, for more than one upgrade.  Is there some way to build
POV-Ray for Unix/Linux so that I don't have to recompile the damn things
every time I do an OS upgrade?  This is not a workable system!

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