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  Re: POV-Ray v3.8.0-beta.1  
From: clipka
Date: 29 Jul 2021 15:54:36
Message: <6103077c$1@news.povray.org>
Am 29.07.2021 um 17:45 schrieb Thomas de Groot:
> I still do not understand this parse warning as I do *not* run a version 
> 3.5 scene. Does it refer to POV-Ray includes which /mention/ version 3.5?
> functions.inc seem to be the only include file containing this.
> Just a short explanation would be enough about this mysterious warning.

It's a bug in `functions.inc`: At the start it claims that it needs only 
v3.5, but later it uses the `deprecated` keyword, which wasn't 
introduced until v3.7.

In other words, if someone were to use genuine POV-Ray v3.5, and render 
the scene with that very same include file, they'd get an error message.

The fact that POV-Ray warns about such scenarios is a brand new feature 
of v3.8.0-beta.1.

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