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  Re: Ubuntu 20.4.1 Gnome desktop leaking memory (SDL2 issue)  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 11 Dec 2020 08:29:06
Message: <5fd37422$1@news.povray.org>
On 12/10/20 12:39 PM, jr wrote:
> hi,
> and running something else temporarily (eg 'xfce') is not an option?

I suppose it and other desktops are an option...

My desktop initialization, though, isn't simple. Fifty eight placed 
terminals(1) over 4 work spaces / activities on two monitors. I'm unsure 
how easily/well the set up would map to another desktop.

Aside: I suspect the Gnome memory leak might not be a true leak (why 
it's been hanging around for so long), but caching set ups like mine for 
fancy effects to be fast.

I'm not sure, but once in a while I hit some key - by accident - which 
puts all those windows on my primary screen in miniature. It seems like 
I often notice the buff/cache memory is as large as my real memory after 
this happens. Once all my real memory is assigned to that buffer 
memory(2), I start to page.

(1) I'm using the gnome terminal and switching to uxterm/xterm an option 
I could try too. The gnome terminal has gotten pretty heavy - now has 
tabbing into virtual xterms inside the gnome terminal - which I'm not 
using/trying as it's not the set up I'm used to using. It might be those 
options with fewer actual terminals open would use less resource, but 
they are less standard, and I hesitate to get used to them.

(2) The buffer memory value as shown by top I don't completely 
understand. The ram disk consumed is included there, but it's now 
obvious other things - not memory mapped files - can make use of this 
buffer space too, but I can't yet "find" that related to Gnome. Not sure 
how to completely see the buffer memory and what applications are it.

...All this me thinking aloud for little or no benefit to anyone here I 
expect. :-)

Bill P.

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