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  Re: X Windows display: disabled  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 7 Feb 2019 10:14:48
Message: <5c5c4b68$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/5/19 3:55 PM, Le_Forgeron wrote:
> Le 02/02/2019 à 18:16, William F Pokorny a écrit :

Thanks for the detailed background.

> The opening on primary of SDL2 is not my design.
> If you feel good at it, go and propose your changes.

Understand and I don't feel good at it, but might hack at some point.

> X11 is more liberal, and the opening is delegated to the window manager
> on the display. On dual-screen, it usually stays near the active cursor,
> but you can set your preference to change it (in the limit of the window
> manager capabilities): there is CLASS name and usual stuff for user
> preference.

Good to know.

> My problem(s) so far with X11 are:
> - I'm not confident on multithreaded update of window
> - the handling of the event queues, in both directions, at the end of
> life (on empty scene to render, it might be some race condition and it
> is painful to understand)
> - destruction & reallocation of resources by two programs (i.e. two
> consecutive run) seems to hit on the same pointers/window id/... which
> can become messy when the first one ends with a broken pipe and
> unprocessed events. (such as getting a creation of the second processed
> before the deletion of the first .... which collides and fuck the second
> process at random)
> (remember the window id are a shared resource in the X11 screen, which
> can be referred by whatever processes know them)
> On the good side of X11, it's far easier to redirect over modern ssh.
> Jérôme.

OK. Thinking, for now, I'll try to create a branch from your work for my 
working version of POV-Ray. Day to day using just the defaulted SDL2 
routinely. I can that way at least look for buggy or interesting 
behavior related to SDL2. Plus, I might be able to try one or more of 
the experiments I had in mind off your SDL2 update given I failed to get 
an SDL2 version working on my own.

Bill P.

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