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  Some specific assistance needed for the Unix build process  
From: clipka
Date: 13 Jan 2019 18:06:01
Message: <5c3bc459@news.povray.org>
Hi folks,

I've just created a branch of POV-Ray that makes use of the FreeType 


Integration into the Windows build process is complete, but now the Unix 
build process (most notably `unix/configure.ac`) has to be updated to 
compile against and link with the library as well.

I'm sure given enough time and effort I could hack /something/ together 
that would /happen/ to work on /my/ machine (Windows subsystem for 
Linux), but I'd feel much more comfortable if someone with a good deal 
more Unix build Fu could step up and help with this part of the job.

The task at hand is to make the configure script check the 
`--with-libfreetype=DIR` and `--without-libfreetype` options, test 
whether a modern enough version of FreeType is availebe (if applicable), 
and either set compiler and linker flags accordingly or define 

As for the version number I would prefer a test against the release 
(e.g. 2.6.1), but a test against either the "libtool number" (e.g. 
11.0.5) or the "shared obect number" (e.g. 6.5.0) would probably work as 
well (see `VERSIONS.TXT in the freetype `docs` directory), as long as 
the test is well-defined and reliable.

The only thing this POV-Ray branch currently does with FreeType is query 
the version number from the linked library, but I guess that should be 
sufficient to test the build process.

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