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  Re: povray.conf vs. povray.conf  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 3 Jul 2018 01:53:55
Message: <5b3b0f73$1@news.povray.org>
Le 02/07/2018 à 23:29, dick balaska a écrit :
> Since I'm running virgins these days I ran into this in my Qt code,
> which is identical to  UnixOptionsProcessor::process_povray_conf(void) @
> vfe/unix/unixoptions.cpp:1019
> So, povray successfully reads /etc/povray/3.7/povray.conf and then tries
> to read /home/dick/.povray/3.7/povray.conf.
> It spits out an error/warning if it fails to find the personal
> povray.conf (and continues processing regardless of if either was found).
> Why should it care?  As long as one of them was found, the I/O
> restrictions are defined somewhere.  It seems that if the system config
> was read, it should override them, or not, but silently.
> If neither was found, then spit an error.
> On my working system, I had copied the system config to my personal
> config just to shut the warning up.

The order of conf choices is system, then user (to restrict).
When performing "make install", the user structure is created for the
installing user, but not for all the other users.

It is not an error to not have a user povray.conf file, but a reminder
that there is only a system one, and it gives the path of the expected
user file (but sadly, not the path of the file that can be copied).

Note, on my system the system is at /usr/local/etc/povray/3.7

If it was an error, the process would stop at that point.

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