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5 Dec 2021 15:30:42 EST (-0500)
  Re: POV-Ray 3.7 doesn't render anymore...  
From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Date: 21 Sep 2016 15:59:47
Message: <57e2e6b3@news.povray.org>

On 21.09.2016 21:21, Doctor John wrote:

> Don't worry about it. You learn to live with it (just like me, Stephen,
> Jim Henderson et al)

Are you ironic? How can you "live" with a process slowing depriving you 
of your entire self? Are you both in fact diagnosed with Alzheimer's?

If that's for real, very soon I will no longer be able to program 
anything... and I'm only 47!

See you in Khyberspace!


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