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  Re: Poll: Any Build Problems?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 13 Mar 2016 10:22:33
Message: <56e577a9$1@news.povray.org>
On 03/10/2016 04:53 PM, jhu wrote:
>> Does the suggested fix at the bottom of git issue 54 fix things for your
>> 3.7.0-stable build ?
>> See:  https://github.com/POV-Ray/povray/issues/54
> Yes, that works now. Anyway to commit these changes to the official stable zip
> file?
Christoph asked if the 3.7.1 master branch compiled OK for you as these 
fixes and more have been made there for unix builds. Knowing the current 
3.7.1 works (or not) for you would be useful, aside from anything else 
with 3.7.0-stable, given you are running FreeBSD 10.2 and Debian instead 
of Ubuntu 14* or 15*.

Your question specifically about patching the stable branch prompted me 
to look more into git/github - which is a new control method to me. I 
was able to create a trivial pull request to the master branch for 
another matter as a test and it looks to me like we could patch just the 
stable branch.

It also looks like the developers have NOT made such patches to stable 
for some other unix specific issues. I suppose for wanting to keep 
stable, stable and the lack of resource overall.

The question for the developers is: If I create a 3.7.0-stable specific 
pull request with these unix build fixes (github issue #54), would it be 
merged into the stable branch?

Bill P.

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