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  Re: Build issues on Mac OS X  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 21 Oct 2015 00:53:12
Message: <56271a38@news.povray.org>
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Le 20/10/2015 20:01, abecke12 a écrit :
> Not sure how much help is available for this, but -
> I was having issues getting my ./configure "etc" to run, but was
> able to use the -lboost_system fix from 
> http://news.povray.org/povray.unix/thread/%3Cslrnl8rua3.ipl.bisqwit%40
>  However, I am having issues during the configuration with:
> "checking build system type... i386-apple-darwin14.5.0 checking
> host system type... i386-apple-darwin14.5.0 checking for a
> BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c checking whether
> build environment is sane... yes 
> /Users/abecker/Downloads/povray-
> Unknown `--is-lightweight' option Try
> `/Users/abecker/Downloads/povray-
> --help' for more information configure: WARNING: 'missing' script
> is too old or missing checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p...
> unix/config/install-sh -c -d checking for gawk... no checking for
> mawk... no checking for nawk... no checking for awk... awk"
> etcetc.
> I have tried the fixes of ./prebuild.sh in the unix directory,
> automake --add-missing in the root, then ./prebuild.sh in the unix
> again, and it didn't do anything. (Also, possibly unrelated, is 
> "source/Makefile.am:35: warning: source file
> 'backend/bounding/bbox.cpp' is in a subdirectory, 
> source/Makefile.am:35: but option 'subdir-objects' is disabled" for
> multiple multiple multiple .cpp files. I am not versed in how to
> correct this. automake's suggested fix is below, but I do not know
> how to enact it.
> automake: warning: possible forward-incompatibility. automake: At
> least a source file is in a subdirectory, but the 'subdir-objects' 
> automake: automake option hasn't been enabled.  For now, the
> corresponding output automake: object file(s) will be placed in the
> top-level directory.  However, automake: this behaviour will change
> in future Automake versions: they will automake: unconditionally
> cause object files to be placed in the same subdirectory automake:
> of the corresponding sources. automake: You are advised to start
> using 'subdir-objects' option throughout your automake: project, to
> avoid future incompatibilities." )
> The configuration *says* it finishes, even with the 'missing'
> error, but the make install does not work afterwards.
> Thank you for your assistance, abecke12
Did you read ? your version of automake is modern... and you need to
add the --subdir-objects on its command line. Just thanks the break of
backward compatibility in the development line of automake. (that's a
new option, that must be set to keep the same behaviour that previous
version had, and it is not recognized or even ignored without error by
older version).

Yet another great powerful fertilizer, isn't it ?

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