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  Re: Make fails on install  
From: clipka
Date: 3 May 2015 09:08:47
Message: <55461ddf@news.povray.org>
Am 03.05.2015 um 14:28 schrieb Drew:
> Thanks so much!
>> What version of POV-Ray are you trying to build?
> 3.7

Which one? The official 3.7.0 stable? The most recent developer head 

>> Did you run the unix/prebuild.sh script?

No need to shout; just gathering information right now.

>> What information did the ./configure script spit out?
> ===============================================================================
> Configure POV-Ray version 3.7.0
> ===============================================================================
> /home/sogal/povray-3.7/povray-3.7-stable/unix/config/missing: Unknown
> `--is-lightweight' option
> Try `/home/sogal/povray-3.7/povray-3.7-stable/unix/config/missing --help' for
> more information
> configure: WARNING: 'missing' script is too old or missing
> checking for boostlib >= 1.37... yes
> checking whether the Boost::Thread library is available... yes
> checking whether the boost thread library is usable... no
> configure: error: in `/home/sogal/povray-3.7/povray-3.7-stable':
> configure: error: cannot link with the boost thread library
> See `config.log' for more details

Well, to me that look like the configure step does /not/ work, so it's 
no surprise that make also fails.

>> Further down the road we might also need to know what Linux distribution
>> and version you are running.
> Ubuntu 14.04

You might want to have a look at the thread "Unable to compile under 
Ubuntu 14.04" in this very newsgroup, started by Hadmut Danisch on 
2014-03-22; it discusses the exact same problems you are experiencing.

To sum up that thread, Ubuntu 14.04 comes with a comparatively new 
version of automake that introcuded a breaking change, causing POV-Ray 
3.7.0 stable's build process to fail.
To work around this, after running unix/prebuild.sh, run

     automake --add-missing

then run the ./configure script as usual.
This should eliminate the first warning you get, and /may/ also solve 
the boost error.

If the boost error persists, try running the ./configure script with the 

     LIBS="-lboost_system -lboost_thread"

Alternatively, you may try the "master" branch of POV-Ray, in which 
those issues should be fixed by now.

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