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  Re: Call for test  
From: James Holsenback
Date: 6 Jan 2014 07:57:42
Message: <52caa846@news.povray.org>
On 01/06/2014 12:01 AM, clipka wrote:
> Not much of a surprise for the master, but shouldn't happen with the
> hotfix.
> So here we go for another update...

still problem with hotfix ... on the other branch, git pull origin 
master shows up to date so I didn't bother trying to build from that branch

>> when we get this sorted out, what are the chances of leaving the hotfix
>> branch for this kind of testing ... I'd like to add it to buildbot
> I named this particular branch "hotfix/boost1.49-boost_system", which
> obviously isn't a good name if we want to use it as a general hotfixing
> branch ;-)
> But I do agree that it's quite a good idea to have buildbot crunch
> through all hotfixes we might throw out, so I just renamed the branch to
> "hotfix".

thanks ... sounds generic enough!

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