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  Re: povray-3.50c Redhat 9 RPMs  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 4 Dec 2003 12:16:24
Message: <1l64a1-b1s.ln1@triton.imagico.de>
Owen Jacobson wrote:
> I've created a src.rpm and an i386.rpm for Povray 3.50c that works under
> Redhat 9 (with X; if there's some demand I'll make a -nox version too). 
> However, due to liscensing concerns (concern: it's 4 am, I'm not reading
> the bloody liscence right now!) I'm not keen on posting the povray team's
> IP publicly.
> (a) Would posting links to the two RPMs be permissible?

This would not be different from any other unofficial version, you are 
free to do so but have to make sure it qualifies as a full package 
(including docs and sample scenes) and clearly indicate the unofficial 

> (b) Is there some way I can submit the files to the povray team so they
> can distribute them themselves?

You can be sure the POV-Team recognizes when you post a link but you 
should note that there will not be support for an unofficial version by 
the Team.  I also think most current linux distributions already include 
POV-Ray 3.5.


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