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From: Thomas de Groot
Subject: Poseray 3.12.0: Creating credible dynamic hair in POV-Ray
Date: 6 Jan 2009 03:58:11
Message: <49631d23@news.povray.org>
Hi all,

A couple of initial thoughts as a start.

The conversion of Poser dynamic hair to tubes gives much better results than 
the former ribbons. I am sure many of us have experimented with Dynamic Hair 
in Poser and perhaps have exported to POV-Ray.

As a first approach, I suspect that the best way to use the Poseray hair 
tubes, is to treat them as hair strands of given thickness, and not as 
individual hairs, although experimenting with that possibility would also be 
interesting but may result in excessively huge meshes difficult to handle 
afterwards. The simpler approach, and indeed lightest in terms of mesh 
sizes, is to consider the tubes as strands.

In both cases however, the challenge - to all of us Poser users - is to 
develop credible uv hair textures that can be used with these tubes. This 
can either be in the form of image maps like those of Kozaburo, or pure 
POV-Ray procedural textures.


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