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  Re: Poser camera import (PoseRay 3.12.2 & 3.13.16beta)  
From: Inflater
Date: 8 Sep 2012 08:00:01
Message: <web.504b32baf9202b00f2cb01a90@news.povray.org>

after some fiddling with various settings in Poser and PoseRay and creating some
test-scenes in Poser I finally found why I had an error. Well ... I fear to say
..... but it was basically UTS (User Too Stupid).

When importing a scene in PoseRay 3.12.2 and 3.13.16beta through

   Input > Load > Poser Scene...

and exporting that into POVRay PoseRay does everything fine. It was me who was
not including the right scene files into POVRay all the time. I simply
overlooked a setting in my - admitted - a bit complicated scene setup in POVRay.

Apologies for any trouble my posting may has caused.

What's still not working is a camera import in PoseRay 3.12.2 and 3.13.16beta

   Preview > Camera > From file...

FlyerX is aware of that problem. As told in my first post this feature worked in
the old PoseRay 3.8.11 which I am still using from time to time.

My workaround in to not use a camera import at all and import a whole Poser
scene instead. You can then save this camera in

   Preview > Camera > Camera Preset: > +

which works fine for me.

The Inflater

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