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  Poser camera import (PoseRay 3.12.2 & 3.13.16beta)  
From: Inflater
Date: 5 Sep 2012 16:15:00
Message: <web.5047b182348fdd284ea90fcf0@news.povray.org>
I am having serious problems with the Poser camera. Whenever I use the
camera-definitions in the scene file PoseRay creates (xxx_POV_scene.pov) my
POVRay render (using 3.7 RC3) points elsewhere but not to the point I see in the
viewport of Poser (using Poser 9).

This applies to Poseray 3.12.2 and PoseRay 3.13.16beta.

I tried importing a whole Poser scene:

   Input > Load > Poser Scene...

and through separate import of a Poser camera:

   Preview > Camera > From file...

Both viewing angles in the final render are far from being what I expect. Not
just a little different .. really far from.

Side note 1: When importing a whole Poser-scene the preview in PoseRay does show
the correct angle.

Side note 2: Poseray produces different POVRay camera-definitions when importing
a Poser-scene and when importing the camera angle through the Preview-tab.

Side note 3: I was using the old PoseRay 3.8.11 for a long time (probably six
years) when rendering with the older POVRay 3.6. That worked great and fine.
Workaround is of course using PoseRay 3.13.16beta for converting a Poser-figure
(actually just converting an OBJ-file without any camera-settings) and using
PoseRay 3.8.11 for the separate camera-definition.

Poser is not only a great tool for posing figures. It is also great side by side
to POVRay for arranging a whole scene and positioning the camera ... which can
be and nearly always is a tedious job when trying to do this by adjusting the
camera settings manually in the POVRay editor.

I can of course provide a simple sample file with some objects which demonstrate
that behavior.

Any ideas?

The Inflater

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