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  Re: Dynamic Hair and PoseRay  
From: TawnyOwl
Date: 9 Nov 2011 16:25:00
Message: <web.4ebaef632b1201fbc8af75270@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot <tenDOTlnDOTretniATtoorgedDOTt> wrote:
> I have never tried curly hair so your work is an interesting first. I am
> certainly interested in any improvement that can be reached. I am also
> still experimenting with different ideas and shall report any
> breakthrough. As I answered to FlyerX, we cannot rely entirely on hair
> maps only.
> Thomas

I really hope I can achieve the goal.

So, now I have a first EIP (as I put it: experiment in progress) and will put it
into the p.b.i as a response to the picture of Thomas. This one will make my
intentions a little bit more clear I hope. It is only the "`hair"'. I hope you
can imagine a female head looking to te upper left inside of it. I mixed up some
memories in my head from my first approach at the beginning of the year and was
a little bit confused about the results I achieved. FlyerX is right in saying
that 30 breaks are to much - an error of me -, but as is obvious in the picture
six are not enough. The problem turned out more to be a problem with an
appropriate texture than with the breaks or the support points in poser. Of
course I will hair and not red ribbons, but this one comes close to my
intentions. And I must comb her a little bit more ...

When I'm through it, I will give you the final result. But have some patience...


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