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  Re: Freebie spotting  
From: Grassblade
Date: 31 Mar 2009 04:30:00
Message: <web.49d1d145280c4110b38d92ae0@news.povray.org>
"clipka" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> "Grassblade" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> > First off, Renderosity has a huge freebie section:
> > http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/search.php
> Lots of stuff indeed - but why do I get the impression that it's mostly junk?
> Seems to be the #1 place for free "naughty" stuff - at least that's what people
> appear to be downloading most.

Naughty stuff is actually located on another site, renderotica. But yeah quality
varies a lot. Most people basically offer for free the stuff they do while
trying to learn to model or texture, but there _are_ people who carry on doing
freebies after that point.

> > http://www.sharecg.com also has a huge selection of freebies.
> Do they have anything that is *not* free??
> Looks like 100% hobbyist work to me, but quite good stuff among it as it seems.

I think the plan for sharecg's overhaul was to actually offer some stuff for
sale, but I haven't found any so far. Not that I went out of my way to find

> > RuntimeDNA:
> > http://www.runtimedna.com/news.php?viewStory=1090
> Less free stuff overall, but less junk as well.

Yep, and at least they always deliver a weekly freebie.

> > Content Paradise:
> > http://www.contentparadise.com/us/user/search.php?free=1
> Good quality even with freebies.

Quite a good chunk of the freebies are made by Vanishingpoint, which you can
also get on their site (www.vanishingpoint.biz). Haven't seen a weekly freebie
from CP in quite some time. :-S

> > DAZ (you need to be logged in):
> > http://free.daz3d.com/free_weekly/archive_list.php
> Hint: You need to subscribe to their newsletter to access these. Looks like a
> collection of models that didn't make it into the shop.

It's old stuff actually (before they switched to the weekly freebie format), and
it definitely shows in the promos. Some items aren't so bad, though.

Anyway, the 3D bridge starter pack went back to free at some point, and today is
the last day for it, so grab it fast!
(contains Cat LE, Dog LE and Dragon LE)
They also placed as freebies the following bundles (free until 2018 :-P ):
Safari Starter
contains African Elephant, Pronghorn Antelope, Panthers, Rhino, Zebra. Plus
stuff to make diorama kind of backgrounds, not really useful in POV, IMO, but
the animals are pretty cool.
Anime Star Fighter
This one is contained in the 3D bridge starter pack, get it only if you miss the
Anime Uniforms
contains Aiko3 with morphs! Of course she's meant as an anime character, but she
does have a realistic morph, although I suspect it's more meant as "realistic
anime" morph than anything.

I also stumbled on Stonemason's site, who is one of the most highly regarded
merchants in the Poserverse. The interesting thing is that he does
architectural stuff, which is in principle easy to do in POV. The site is sadly
in Flash, click on downloads.

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