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  Poser 6 or 7 or Pro--which one to buy?  
From: Kenneth
Date: 4 Jun 2008 11:10:00
Message: <web.4846af63cf139c1d78dcad930@news.povray.org>
Well, I'm finally ready(!) to purchase a copy of Poser and start playing around
with it; but being a newbie, I was wondering which version I should get?  I
probably won't ever use or need many of the features in ver. 7--or even 6, for
that matter--but I was wondering if 7 is more stable or just *better* than ver.
6. Is it worth the money? My use will probably be casual, just to get some
basic characters to stick into POV-Ray every now and then.  If ver. 6 (or even
ver. 5) is better for a casual user, is it still being sold, and is there a
source to get it from *inexpensively*?  Thanks for any help!

Ken W.

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