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  Re: Combining Materials in Poser  
From: Stephen
Date: 27 Jun 2007 11:05:02
Message: <web.46827b8e4575884c4e49fa40@news.povray.org>
"St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote:
 You have three separate models to make your skirt, so, import all three
> into Wings, (if all the geometry is correct, the models should all align
> correctly), select all three after clicking the far right pyramid,
> right-click, and about half way down the list is 'combine'. This will
> combine all three into one model. You can then either UV map the model, or
> parts of the model, (or just export as is) and then finish your textures in
> 'myskirt_pov_mat.inc'.

I may have explained this badly. I have one mesh with three different
materials assigned to different parts of the mesh (I think).
> but in materials I was
> > able to "assign" all the faces I wanted, to one material, and then delete
> > the others. I'm a bit worried because everyone says that there is a steep
> > learning curve with Wings.
>   No, quite the opposite - it's got an easy learning curve.

>     Hmm, I know what you mean, when I import a figure from Poser into Wings,
> it's always too small, so I combine every object and simply scale up to what
> I want. When I import the same model back into Poser, it's way too large.
> I've noticed in Poser that there is a 'percent' option for importing and
> exporting, I haven't experimented with this yet, but I wonder if this should
> be used, and if so, what would the inputs be?

input. I use a different value each time I use it, about 30% to 50 %. It is
easier to rescale the model if you do that. (I think that doing that is bad

I think Janet may have described how to do it a couple of weeks ago. But

open office.

>     Anyway, just yell if you need to know anything else about Wings.  :)

How do you Navigate? I would like to pan and rotate around the model and I
would like to Zoom into a selected area.


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