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  PoseRay mesh2 bug?  
From: Tim Cook
Date: 17 Oct 2014 04:19:34
Message: <5440d116$1@news.povray.org>
The mesh I've been working on is too complex to rule out a misstep I'd 
taken at some point, so out of curiosity I set up a new scene in Moray 
and dropped in a single sphere, converted it to mesh, and checked 
'export as mesh2'.  Importing the .pov into PoseRay turned 
the mesh to gibberish, joining a large number of points to a single 
location (looks like it's grabbing one vertex of each quad...see 

Exporting not as mesh2 is fine.

Is this something that can be fixed, or is this an inherent problem with 
the mesh2 format?

Tim Cook

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