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  Poser Pro 2014: the Fitting Room  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 23 Jan 2014 08:14:03
Message: <52e1159b$1@news.povray.org>
Those of you who use Poser quite a lot may be interested in some of the 
new features that come with Poser Pro 2014.

1) Bullet Physics have been integrated into the program. As far as my 
first test have shown, that works a lot better than Poser Physics that 
was an AddOn for earlier versions. However, there are some things that I 
do not comprehend yet but which - if I understood the basic video 
tutorial right - will be explained later. This concerns in particular 
the way in which concave target objects like bowls are treated. At 
present there is no way to drop an object /inside/ a bowl apparently, or 
is there? The solution is not there for the time being it seems.

2) The Fitting Room is a /new/ to Poser Pro 2014. This is a great 
feature for easily transfer conforming clothes from one figure to 
another. While in older versions this was a rather difficult thing to do 
or, a little bit easier, using the Wardrobe Wizard, now you can do this 
within a couple of minutes and with all kinds of different settings. As 
an example, I put up an image in p.b.i showing boots originally 
comformed to Poser 6 Jessi, now fitted to Poser 7 SimonG2. And I have 
done a similar exercise to Poser 8 Ryan. The possibilities are endless.


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