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  Re: Yet another PoseRay feature request(s)  
From: FlyerX
Date: 22 Oct 2012 15:48:24
Message: <5085a308$1@news.povray.org>
On 10/21/2012 9:02 AM, Tim Cook wrote:
> - Native .nif object importing, so I don't have to mess around with
> nifskope as an intermediate step?
> http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/Niflib is a C++ library for
> handling them...
> - ability to remove individual meshes from the groups listing; merging
> several objects into one 'scene', once you have a bunch, then
> accidentally merging a mesh by mistake requires completely restarting
> the process.
> - ability to batch-load several meshes at one go, using some or another
> black magic to avoid mesh name collisions (say, looking at the original
> file names to see if there's a particular format pattern, e.g. "blob
> 1,2.obj", "blob 1,3.obj", "blob 1,4.obj")
> Those three features would make my current project go blindingly faster.
>   ^_^;;;;;
> --
> Tim Cook
> http://empyrean.sjcook.com


This applies to the PoseRay 3.13.16 beta:

To delete a single group from the scene make it invisible and click on 
Remove non-visible groups button in the groups tab. It is at the bottom 
of the tab.

To merge groups make only them visible and then click on Merge visible 
groups button in the groups tab. It is at the bottom of the tab.

If you make a mistake you can undo (one step only). The undo function is 
at the bottom of the Tools... menu in the groups tab. It also applies to 
the materials.

To load several meshes at once you can multi-select the meshes in the 
load... dialog in the input tab. PoseRay will ask you what name to use 
for the merged model. The merged model will have separate material and 
group names.

As for the NIF format, it is a C++ library that would require quite a 
lot of work to get interfaced with Delphi. Using the library does not 
guarantee that it would work for all models since the format allows 
custom objects that require extra libraries for reading.

You can try Blender for processing NIF files instead of nifskope.


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