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  Re: PoseRay 3.13.15 BETA: wrong POV-Ray +AM command line parameter  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 27 Mar 2012 07:39:46
Message: <4f71a702@news.povray.org>
On 27-3-2012 12:16, FlyerX wrote:
> I saw that post. I really do not understand the projection pattern well
> enough to see why is mesh{} still needed. The old mesh format was
> removed from PoseRay's code base a long time ago. It created files that
> were way too large and it was slow to parse. Often, with large models,
> POV-Ray would run out of memory. I will look into it but I doubt mesh{}
> will return to PoseRay.

Fair enough. Just a suggestion.

I have not yet experimented with Norbert's example. I am indeed aware of 
the size problem related with mesh{} files. POV-Tree for example writes 
in mesh{} as the program never made it into a mesh2{} version 
unfortunately, and some tree files get memory problems indeed.
[Note to self: should try to import such a file in Poseray and re-export 
as mesh2.]


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