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  Re: Dynamic Hair and PoseRay  
From: FlyerX
Date: 4 Nov 2011 16:48:18
Message: <4eb44f92$1@news.povray.org>
On 11/3/2011 4:50 PM, TawnyOwl wrote:
> For my next Tina-Chep-Entry I would like to have (very) long and curly (!)
> dynamic hair from poser in a pov rendering. My first attempts with PoseRay

> unbelievable. Is there a way to increase the memory allocation of PoseRay? May

> Regards,
> Michael

PoseRay, as with most Windows applications, uses as much memory as it is 
available. If you have 2000 hairs at maybe 100 sections per hair and 30 
breaks that is 12 million polygons. 2 per break because PoseRay only 
uses triangles. This fills up available memory rather quickly, and maybe 
you are running out of video ram in the OpenGL renderer. I know PoseRay 
is not optimized since I am not a programmer but that is the way it is 

Use less breaks (maybe 3 to 6) and a smaller radius. You only need the 
appearance of a line, not a tube.

In general I do not recommend doing hair this way in POV-Ray. It is 
notoriously difficult to apply a material that looks good. It also 
produces a very large mesh. Many trans mapped layered hair models today 
look just as good as strand hair and render better and faster.



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