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  Re: New feature request Poseray 3.13 beta  
From: FlyerX
Date: 5 May 2011 17:27:56
Message: <4dc3165c$1@news.povray.org>
On 5/4/2011 3:19 PM, Ive wrote:
> Am 04.05.2011 20:20, schrieb FlyerX:
>> Thanks for the workaround. To this day I have not been able to find the
>> origin of the bug. I used an OpenGL debugger and all the calls were
>> correct. Most likely it is a bug (or maybe an outdated function) in
>> PoseRay but without the ATI drivers running there is no way to check
>> exactly what is happening. If there was a way of emulating an ATI card
>> as a layer over the Nvidia drivers, for programming/debugging purposes,
>> that would be great.
> Yeah, I understand your problem very well. While stepping through
> hundrets of lines of assembler code I did suspect the calls
> glTexImage2D and/or glGetTexImage to be the critical parts but it might
> very well be the case that some initialization before did already fail.
> Sorry, this is all I can tell as I'm just an OpenGL n00b ;)
> While I did play around with the debugger (and accidentally did corrupt
> the ATI drivers) I did also find out that in this case the
> Windows-OpenGL-layer falls back to a GDI software emulation mode that
> works (at least with an i7) not as bad as it sounds. Maybe a button
> within PoseRay to force software emulation (if this is possible) would
> be a cleaner workaround than moving dll's from the stone-age around?
> -Ive

New beta available.


The software mode idea was a good one and I added a mode to PoseRay to 
run in software mode. It is very slow but seems to work. It defaults to 
OpenGL 1.1.


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