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  PoseRay 3.11.0 issue  
From: Tim Cook
Date: 12 Nov 2009 16:12:04
Message: <4afc7a24$1@news.povray.org>
Duplicating item I posted in p.b.images

section of exported v4,
//This encapsulates the material into the mesh so that Moray can use the 
original materials
#declare Victoria_4_hip_hip_2_hip__2_SkinHip_=...
(and so forth)

followed by:
//Model assembly from the meshes
#declare Victoria_4_hip_=
union {
split_union off

the problem is the fact that it does not declare any objects that end 
with "_uv_mapping", making POV stall.  you have to manually remove the 
"_uv_mapping" from each item in this part.  it doesn't take very long, 
but it is a nuisance that shouldn't be necessary.

I should probably make note of which specific settings I had flagged...
*looks*  Moray tab, use original materials, POV tab, include texture 
coordinates checked (all of the settings on that tab are at default, afaik)

This happens with all the meshes I've exported from Poser.

Tim Cook

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