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  Re: Poser 6 for a bargain  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 7 Dec 2008 09:51:22
Message: <493be2ea@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot wrote:
> These are not very expensive, but in the end I believe you 
> will spend more money in perfecting Daz than by investing initially in Poser 
> and go on from there.


> On the Content Paradise site, you will find a whole range of figures (human 
> and animal), props, hairs, that have been offered for free in the past. 
> Miki/Miki2 is one of them. Free conforming hair can be found for instance 
> here http://www.digitalbabes2.com/

> Very important (and very complex) is the free Apollo Maximus figure by Anton 
> Kisiel 

> It works as well for Poser as for Daz. It is one of my favourites because 
> you can change totally the whole morphology of the figure, so you have 
> endless possibilities to people your scenes. Currently the 2007 version is 
> up but Anton is working on the 2008 (and probably final) version.


> The only two things in which I have invested because I saw their utility, 
> are http://www.physicalc-software.com/poserphysics/, and 
> http://www.philc.net/BasicClothing_page1.htm.


> In the end, I may not have been entirely fair to Daz, but that is because I 
> very rapidly switched from the use of Daz to Poser, mainly because I ended 
> up pretty soon (immediately to tell the truth) against the usefulness limits 
> of Daz. I still have not met those in Poser...


Okay, I'm sold on POSER

Thanks so much Thomas, that made it very clear

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