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  Re: Poser 6 or 7 or Pro--which one to buy?  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 5 Jun 2008 10:52:06
Message: <4847fd96$1@news.povray.org>
"Kenneth" <kdw### [at] earthlinknet> schreef in bericht 
> Well, I'm finally ready(!) to purchase a copy of Poser and start playing 
> around
> with it; but being a newbie, I was wondering which version I should get? 
> I
> probably won't ever use or need many of the features in ver. 7--or even 6, 
> for
> that matter--but I was wondering if 7 is more stable or just *better* than 
> ver.
> 6. Is it worth the money? My use will probably be casual, just to get some
> basic characters to stick into POV-Ray every now and then.  If ver. 6 (or 
> even
> ver. 5) is better for a casual user, is it still being sold, and is there 
> a
> source to get it from *inexpensively*?  Thanks for any help!

I am not sure if ver.6 is still available. I think not. Poser Pro is not for 
you, unless you want to interface with the mega packages. I agree with 
FlyerX if you want to use it casually, use Daz|Studio. However, you will be 
limited by the availability of clothes or the possibility to add your own 
clothes to the figures, which you can do very well with Poser. My personal 
preference would be to buy Poser 7. You won't need really anything else, 
while with Daz, you will be *tempted* to buy all the missing stuff you will 
need in the end. Just my humble opinion, though.

But experiment first with Daz and see how it goes  ;-)


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