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  Re: Poseray: what controls the specular size?  
From: FlyerX
Date: 18 Jul 2007 14:15:03
Message: <469e58a7$1@news.povray.org>

There is a specular size that controls the roughness value in the 
materials tab of PoseRay. PoseRay uses specular+roughness for 
highlights. In Poser this is controlled by the highlight size and in 
DAZ|Studio it is the glossiness in the advanced tab for each surface.

DAZ|Studio has a bug that results in exported scenes with full specular 
strength. Specular strength in DAZ|Studio is a multiplier of the 
highlight color. The only reason I see this parameter exists is for 
changing the amount of highlight without changing the RGB ratio of the 
highlight. Rather useless.



Thomas de Groot wrote:
> This is a question of general interest I think.
> I have a couple of objects (coming originally from Daz3D) of which the 
> materials' specular sizes are translated to 100 in Poseray, and from there 
> to roughness values of 0.2xxx in POV-Ray, even after I have modified the 
> materials, both in Poser and in Silo. The high roughness makes the materials 
> look washed out.
> I have been looking into the parameters in all the applications, but I 
> cannot discover what exactly triggers this anomalously high setting.
> Any idea?
> Thomas

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