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From: dick balaska
Subject: My POV-Ray desktop
Date: 23 Dec 2017 00:06:09
Message: <5a3de441$1@news.povray.org>

Thought I would share this, both monitors, hard at POV-Ray work.

The left monitor features qtpov and bsAniPic combining to develop the 
next sequence in my movie. Last time on our show, the kid had just 
entered the cave. Now he's jumping on the Moray for a ride. The top 
screen I am trying to get the Moray to rear back, like a stallion, by 
dynamically altering the control points on the spline.

The right monitor is my renderfarm. 4 little bash windows each watching 
a server. Bigger window above that is the client console. Little 
"listening on port 4401" window is my qtpov povray server. [1]
The renderfarm is currently re-rendering the scene where the kid first 
passes by the fishtank. Lots of detail work has happened in that room 
since I ran those frames.  The browser shows work that's occurring; 
frames done (black), in progress (white), todo next (tan), and todo 
later (green).

[1] As I contemplate the big merge, I'm thinking I still want to release 
3 packages.  console only, qt integrated, and my current separate 
websocket executables.  It is so much faster for development to run this 
way. I have saved hours not waiting on an unnecessary povray build.


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