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From: Le Forgeron
Subject: setting vi for povray (gvim)
Date: 20 Dec 2017 16:56:31
Message: <5a3adc8f@news.povray.org>
Just sharing before Xmas.

I was interested in povclipse, povclipse2 (was nearly good, but
refreshed too much to be usable: every character typed in editor
triggered a refresh of everything, too expensive in resources), and I
have seen qtpov announcement but not tried it yet.

Then I wondered what am I expecting from an editor working with povray,
keeping the Unix approach: a small set of dedicated tools are better
than an integrated tools that try to do everything.

Gvim is my favourite editor but never quite worked out of the box with
pov files.

Until I spent a bit of time to make it works.
The syntax colouring was already there, getting the indentation working
by default (it sometimes worked after a bit of hammering, but not with a
fresh file... fixed) is the good news for me.

Starting the rendering from the editor is easy, and the bonus is that it
collect automatically the output, it's just less known how to get to it.

The short command to remember:
":mak" launch povray
":cope" open the resulting output (as a normal buffer)
":clo" close that buffer

The coloring & indenting are the usual ways.

The syntax & indent files so far are the old ones for the 3.7 by David
Necas (Yeti), back from 2011 and 2002, but updating the syntax seems
rather easy, even to support Hg-povray !

It was there all the time, just missing some settings to make it works
without trouble.

Not sure I would be now missing something else from a dedicated editor
like qtpov... (but it won't fix the problem for Windows platform... I do
not know at all the Mac platform.

Happy Xmas 2017.

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