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  Infinity 3D real-time ray tracer  
From: dreamylake
Date: 15 Feb 2022 04:35:00
Message: <web.620b712c88ed72649d67c0487b1d6e5c@news.povray.org>
Hello POV-Ray community,

I'm posting about my real-time ray tracer Infinity 3D, that like POV-Ray
supports directly ray traced non-triangle based geometry and is CPU based. Here
is a video from 2022 that shows how it runs and looks with comparisons to
rasterization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGaCKWnCHlc

I posted about Infinity 3D here in 2016 but the technology is now more advanced.
There is a tech demo standalone editor that has very limited support for both
editing and importing .pov files. Meshes, primitives and CSG shapes are
currently supported. It is free for commercial use and can be found here:
https://www.infinity3dengine.com/get-infinity .

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