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  Re: Finding and extracting GDAL elevation data  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 20 May 2019 21:50:01
Message: <web.5ce35856356eaf334eec112d0@news.povray.org>
> > I also have "holes" in my heightfield when I try to texture it with an image
> > map.  They appear to be at places that are over a certain elevation.

Simple mistake, but amazingly deceptive results.
The image_map was never rotated x*90, and I think it was just shifted so that it
didn't extend up that far.   :|

> My intuitive answer to 'Does that ever happen' would be an emphatic
> "No". However... I am no fan of Sketchup and thus do not know what kind
> of quaint things may happen.

I'm not using Sketchup, I'm just using the web-based Height Mapping tool to get
the grayscale map.   Then Google Maps to get the satellite and street maps.

Still having a bit of a struggle getting the overlay textures aligned to the
topolgy, but perhaps some more searching and experimenting will give me good
results that are easily reproduced with other locations.

Posting progress over on pbi


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