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From: Mr
Date: 24 Mar 2014 05:20:00
Message: <web.532ff89493dd6dbd16086ed00@news.povray.org>
"LanuHum" <Lan### [at] yandexru> wrote:
> Mr! If you use my work, I ask to include my name in structure of developers.
> I regret that I don't know English for full communication.
> For me it is important that our community knew that I make the feasible
> contribution to creation of the exporter.
> It is very important to apply Boolean operations. I over it work.

I credited you in the release logs and such community discussions as are
happening here because I would like to encourage your efforts. I would like to
do it even more than I do now. But so far, that's the best I can do. As a
sidenote I do have to rewrite your code every time because you suppressed from
your version some existing features of the exporter (mostly Blender texture
channels support). It is not really your fault, it is rather because of POV-Ray
syntax not designed to suit that approach: I can agree that having to implement
some kinds of "finish map" hacks to emulate specular maps and the like makes the
script much less straightforward to write, grasp and maintain. As I already
explained to you, support of that basic native Blender workflow is the strategy
for the first development stage of the exporter. Additional interface to native
POV-Ray features is the next step and I am glad that you are already working on
it, but the end product should keep both capacities not cut out blender users
for POV only approach, because POV users already had software for that, like
Moray, Poseray and many others.

The day you decide to keep, port or rewrite these features into your code. I am
sure it will be easier to work on a common version. That is indeed something I
look forward to.

I take note of your attachment to POV-Ray booleans as a user and contributor and
thereby put it as a number one priority on new features request list.

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Please bear with me.

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