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  Re: Blender 2.5x exporter for POV-Ray 3.7  
From: Conz
Date: 20 Jan 2011 13:15:00
Message: <web.4d387ad867946549d03fac3f0@news.povray.org>
Hi nemesis

nemesis <nam### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> I think asking for help from the povray crowd here would be easier if
> providing ready-made scenes for them to test povray rendering from
> inside Blender -- people here are not that keen on blender's interface
> and indeed are more used to textually typing CSG scenes than handling
> polygon models in a visual manner.

Yep, I know. I'm on board of the development for the exporter only some days,
But my first mission was to clean up the formatting of the pov-file. I have
implemented an option to choose the indentation in the pov-file (Tabs or Spaces
and the amount of spaces), also an otion to write automatic comments inside the
One of my future targets is to optionaly export only pov-files without
rendering, export in seperated pov or inc files, possibility to use inc files
inside Blender, and so on.

So I think I know the target-group, thats why I'm asking here. At the blender
side not that many people are firm with the POV-Ray-code.
Thats why I try to bring up the communities a little bit closer together.

I could place some ready made scenes on the Blender-wiki-page, to show the
single POV-Ray features, maybe wit hcorresponding pov-file. Will think about

> Which is why I'm linking this awesome collection of scenes from Jeremy
> Birn's Lighting Challenge page:
> http://www.3drender.com/challenges/index.htm
> some of them come ready in Blender format, but all come with OBJ format
> for those wanting to import from Blender (and work out some settings).

Will take a look at and test them.

> ...
> oh, heck.  I'll do that when I have some time...


> > 3. Would it be possible to create an own area for blender, under Newsgroups ->
> > POV-Ray Tools -> Blender ?
> There are so many povray tools out there that don't have their own
> newsgroups.  OTOH, an integrated blender one could turn out to be far
> more popular than even poseray...

I think it would be nice. No costs nor hassle on your side and both (Blender and
POV-Ray) could benefit from.


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