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  Re: SharpConstruct with Windows & gtk+--installation problem  
From: DaremoK3
Date: 8 Feb 2010 15:15:00
Message: <web.4b706f83d7af166a8b67fc6f0@news.povray.org>
"Kenneth" <kdw### [at] earthlinknet> wrote:
> Several POV users have recommended the (free) SharpConstruct software--a
> zBrush-like modeller--for easily creating organic mesh shapes. I'm trying to
> install the Windows version on my Win XP SP3 machine, but running into problems.
> SharpConstruct seems to need *some* version of something called the gtk+ GUI
> 'runtime environment' package in order to run (similar to Inkscape and the Gimp,
> I see--neither of which I've used.) Being new to this, I've downloaded what I
> take to be the latest Windows version of gtk+, from SourceForge.net. But now,
> when installing SharpConstruct, I get the message, "installation aborted--all
> gtk+ versions found are older than 2.8".
> Well, there *isn't* a '2.8' version of gtk+ AFAIK (unless one of its components
> is so labelled)--the latest seems to be 2.16 or 2.18. So I don't understand the
> message.
> Wikipedia says that there *is* a v2.8 (and later) of 'gtk+2'--is that different
> from gtk+?
> Right now, I'm stuck...I don't know whether the problem is in SharpConstruct or
> due to an incorrect version of gtk+.  Can anyone recommend the *specific* gtk+
> or gtk+2 package that's needed, or tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks!!
> Ken

Hi Ken,

If you are still following this message thread, and are still in need of the
correct dependencies to make Sharp Construct work on MS Windows, I might be able
to help you out.

I stumbled upon this thread via Google whilst trying to find the dependencies
myself for a reinstall of Sharp Construct on my system (Windows XP SP2).  I have
all the original needed files, and it worked perfectly when I had installed
years ago, but I could not get my "gtkmm-runtime-2.8.4-1" to reinstall, so I was
searching for a replacement.

According to the directions you need to install "GTK" first, then "gtkmm", and
then Sharp Construct.  Well, after 2 days of searching the net, and trying to
get gtkmm to install (to no avail), I decided to try something on my own.  I
uninstalled GTK from it's default location (C:\), and installed gtkmm first,
then GTK, and then Sharp Construct, all to Program Files in C drive (in their
own files/locations).  I now have a perfect working copy of Sharp Construct on
my system.

It is a shame that this great application is no longer supported (to install).
Yes, you can still download the application, but you can no longer find the
necessary dependencies that are needed to make it work on Windows.  And, yes, I
know it is implemented in Blender (why no longer supported), which I use (Sharp
Construct) in there as well, but sometimes people just want to open a simple app
to do a simple job without having to open a complete software suite (Blender).

The author should have saved/secured all necessary files to be downloaded from
the same place (sourceforge) for future users, and past users needing reinstall.
 The net has truly become just like "Costco".  You better get it when you first
see it, because tomorrow it might (will) be gone.

Anyways, I digest.  If you would like, I can email you the needed dependencies
so you can have a working version as well.

Take care...
Ken (my name as well)

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