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  SharpConstruct with Windows & gtk+--installation problem  
From: Kenneth
Date: 2 Jan 2010 13:45:00
Message: <web.4b3f93b1775b388c65f302820@news.povray.org>
Several POV users have recommended the (free) SharpConstruct software--a
zBrush-like modeller--for easily creating organic mesh shapes. I'm trying to
install the Windows version on my Win XP SP3 machine, but running into problems.

SharpConstruct seems to need *some* version of something called the gtk+ GUI
'runtime environment' package in order to run (similar to Inkscape and the Gimp,
I see--neither of which I've used.) Being new to this, I've downloaded what I
take to be the latest Windows version of gtk+, from SourceForge.net. But now,
when installing SharpConstruct, I get the message, "installation aborted--all
gtk+ versions found are older than 2.8".

Well, there *isn't* a '2.8' version of gtk+ AFAIK (unless one of its components
is so labelled)--the latest seems to be 2.16 or 2.18. So I don't understand the

Wikipedia says that there *is* a v2.8 (and later) of 'gtk+2'--is that different
from gtk+?

Right now, I'm stuck...I don't know whether the problem is in SharpConstruct or
due to an incorrect version of gtk+.  Can anyone recommend the *specific* gtk+
or gtk+2 package that's needed, or tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks!!


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